A simpler way to measure employee engagement for professionals - the employee net promoter score

We all know that understanding how engaged your professional staff are is crucial to success in professional services. As the front line in delivering services to your clients, maintaining consistently high levels of engagement across the breadth of your professional staff, is key to delivering a quality service.

What's less well known is that you don't always need to conduct detailed, time consuming engagement surveys with time-poor staff.  A faster an easier alternative is the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). It asks only one question - how likely are you to recommend your firm as a great place to work on a 0 to 10 scale.  

As a measure of staff engagement it is strongly correlated with longer, time intensive surveys. Analysis by Culture Amp - a world leading people analytics company - measuring eNPS against their detailed Engagement Index, showed a correlation at greater than 0.90.

Courtesy of Culture Amp 

Courtesy of Culture Amp 

The benefits of the simpler, one question eNPS measure are obvious in busy practices - either as an alternative to the longer form surveys or as a more regular complement. Some firms choose to perform the more extensive surveys every two years, with the eNPS conducted every four months.

In many ways this provides the best of both worlds and ensures a constant dialogue with your most important asset on what just might be the single most important success factor for your firm - highly engaged professionals. 

Lisa Starkey