RSM Canberra demonstrates their commitment to client satisfaction

Congratulations to RSM Canberra for their successful rollout of client satisfaction measurement with Client Culture. 

After seeking feedback from all clients, the Outsourced Accounting division has received a very healthy Klient Score of 8.5 out of 10 and an outstanding Net Promoter Score of 39. 

Director Andrew Sykes said, "This was a very encouraging score. It was good to know that the division was doing a good job of keeping our client's satisfied with the service, but there is still room for improvement. The constructive feedback we have received will help us make the continual improvements we are looking for to offer the best possible service to our clients."

The short one question survey was received enthusiastically by RSM clients with strong response rates particular from RSM's business clients. 

"The next step is to demonstrate that we are listening to our clients by responding to their valuable feedback," said Andrew, "This is very much the start of a journey for us."

Greg Tilse