PWC results highlight importance of tracking non-financial success measures in professional services


Leading accounting and consulting firm PWC continues to demonstrate the importance they place on measuring non-financial metrics in getting a complete picture of the health of a professional services firm. 

PWC recently announced their results for 2016 financial year, "Showing revenue growth of 11 per cent to $1.92b, strong profit growth and improvement across key non-financial metrics." 

"Underpinning the firm's strong financial results were improvements in key non-financial metrics, with the firm's people and client net promoter scores...improving on the prior year. The firm's client net promoter score, a widely used measure of customer advocacy hit a four year high in FY16 and has improved significantly since 2013." 

CEO Luke Sayers said, "The increase in customer advocacy was complemented by the firm's progress on the experience of its people. In 2013 our people net promoter score, which measures whether our people would recommend PWC as a place to work, was +4. In 2016 it was +27, which is a fantastic endorsement of the work we are doing to make sure PWC is somewhere where people want to have a long and fulfilling career."

Lisa Starkey