RSM Australia continues to ‘measure what matters’

RSM Australia continues to build momentum with client satisfaction measurement. RSM’s Business Advisory division in Canberra has been engaged in client satisfaction measurement with Client Culture since late 2015 and have recorded some truly impressive results.

Business Advisory has seen an exceedingly high Net Promoter Score of 61 and a Client Score of 9 out of 10. “We are really pleased with the results, it suggests a very loyal client base but of course there is still work to do,” says director Andrew Sykes.

For a long time accounting firms have focused only on financial metrics in measuring success. “Increasingly all businesses need to include non-financial metrics such as levels of client satisfaction and staff engagement to get a complete measure of the health of your business,” says Andrew, “And if we believe it’s something our clients should do, then our business is no different.”

Financial metrics can be backward looking. Sometimes improvements in the bottom line can be obtained at the expense of client or staff engagement. This can hurt you in the long term.

“We are looking forward to tracking these measures over time, so that we can continue to make changes to our services to better suit the needs of our clients whilst at the same time ensuring our staff are engaged and happy,” says Andrew.

Greg Tilse