Adapting to client personalities?

Client types.png

Experienced professionals know that there is no single best service approach for each and every client.

Of course clients bring their unique personalities to the client-professional relationship. And they each respond to some communication styles better than others.

The work of Alessandra, Wexler and Barrera is one useful example of how to approach working with your clients. They suggest four different client personalities – Thinker, Director, Relater and Socialiser.

The attached infographic provides a short summary of the types and how this might influence the service approach. 

Now whilst you may not agree with their attempt to break the client into four simple and distinct categories, it can still be a useful way of thinking about client servicing.

At the very least recognising that:

  1. Clients bring different personalities and histories to the professional-client relationship

  2. No one-size-fits-all approach is likely to get the most out of all relationships

  3. Spending time recognising the differing communication styles and preferences of your clients and trying to adjust your service delivery accordingly,

is likely to produce stronger relationships over time. 


Greg TilseClients