Improve client retention

Vulnerable clients

Which clients are vulnerable to switching? What will it cost your firm if they go? Where do clients suggest improvement to keep their business?

In fact, how well do you truly understand your clients’ experience of your service? What is it they value? What don't they value - not just as a group, but individually.

Further, if your services are delivered by a number of practitioners, do you know which of them impress your clients and who might need more support?

According to an Association of Corporate Counsel survey, 34% of clients said that they had terminated a relationship in 2017 for failing to meet expectations (read more). Don't wait until it's too late to remedy a problem with an unhappy client. Building client feedback and loyalty tracking into your practice enables timely intervention to improve retention rates. 



Increase referrals

Word-of-mouth | Referral requests

What do clients tell friends and colleagues about your firm? How much positive word-of-mouth are you generating? How much of it is damaging your brand? And which clients are in the 'promoter' segment and who is in the 'detractor' segment.  

Listening to your clients equips you to better deliver a service they truly value. Learning from feedback and acting on it increases client satisfaction, which naturally improves positive word-of-mouth and drives an increase in organic growth.

Additionally, we help you accelerate this growth by identifying your most loyal clients - the ones most receptive to a request for a warm referral - and provide you with the tools to successfully ask for referrals.  



Promote your brand

Independent trust-mark | Google reviews

With our independent service, potential new clients can trust your client score results. Share them when you are ready, securing new business.

Share links on your blogs and other marketing materials and events to the LinkedIn networks of your senior team. This provides valuable social proof of your service excellence. 

Google reviews are now featuring more prominently on business searches, so it is important to be proactive. This applies whether you have a Google+ account or not. The best solution to negative social media reviews is to get more positive ones to restore the balance. Build positive social media reviews with Client Culture. Attract new clients and boost your search engine rankings at the same time.

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