Social proof of excellence

We have tools to help you promote your improving service levels that make the most of social proof among your networks and the wider community.

Independent trust-mark

With our independent service, potential new clients can trust your client score results. Share links on blogs and marketing materials and LinkedIn networks of your senior team –providing strong evidence of your service excellence.

Social media reviews

For any client that scored you a 9 or 10 the platform can automatically seek a social media review on Google, Facebook or TrueLocal. Reviews are increasingly important as they now impact on your search engine ranking and influence clients when searching online. 


Actively seek referrals

Now that you have segmented your client base by their likelihood to recommend, you can focus business development opportunities on the most valuable clients in the promoter segment. We can help you with strategies to approach your biggest fans for introductions and warm referrals to help drive growth in your firm.

Organic growth increase

Loyalty leaders grow more than twice the industry average. Regular feedback enables you to address the issues that keep detractor and neutral clients from enthusiastically referring you. You also improve your retention rate.