Social proof



Easily capture testimonials, either at the time of the survey or after with our adjustable settings. 

Blakes has been simply outstanding. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Example testimonial.

Google reviews

For any client that scored you a 9 or 10 you can invite them to leave a social media review on Facebook, Google or TrueLocal. Reviews are increasingly important as they now impact on your search engine ranking – so the more reviews, the higher your ranking. 

Clinch Long Woodbridge have provided me with outstanding support, both legally and emotionally, in my family law case. I trust my lawyer and her associates and feel confident and content with their advice and actions. I love how gutsy they are too! I am incredibly impressed with how quickly the firm acts on my behalf; particularly in such a stressful situation. I have no problem recommending this firm to anyone. They have been incredible!


With our independent service, potential new clients can trust your client score results. Show them off when you feel you are ready to help secure new business.

Share links on your blogs and other marketing materials and events to LinkedIn networks of your senior team. This can provide valuable social proof of your service excellence to reduce the risk of network referrals. 


Actively seek referrals


Now that you have segmented your client base by their likelihood to recommend, you can focus business development opportunities on the most valuable clients in the promoter segment. We can help you with strategies to approach your biggest fans for introductions and warm referrals to help drive growth in your firm. See Nudging Promoters.


Organic increase in
referrals and retention

According to Bain & Co, an industry's loyalty leaders grow more than twice the industry average. By segmenting your clients by loyalty, you are better able to address the issues that keep detractor and neutral clients from enthusiastically referring you. You also improve your retention rate.  

loyalty mix and growth target.png

Top questions about our growth services


How important are Google reviews?

It will partly depend on your client base. They are more valuable in B2C than B2B, but this is beginning to change. Google has decided that social media reviews are an indicator of relevance and legitimacy for search engines. So social media reviews increase your rankings. They are also persuasive for potential clients considering your services.  


Are there any conditions to using the trust-mark?

It is important that the score is representative of your whole client base, without picking and choosing only the most satisfied people. Being selective about who you survey undermines all the learning benefits of the process. Client Culture reserves the right to conduct checks on client lists to ensure fairness and accuracy.      

What is the best way to ask for a referral?

The first step is to make sure you are asking the right client - that means you focus on your promoter clients. The second step is timing. The survey process creates the opportunity. Contact the client after the survey to thank them for their score and feedback, then follow these steps.