Staff surveys

People NPS and engagement

How engaged are your people? How does this vary from one division to the next? Where would staff like to see change?

To help answer these questions, we offer powerfully simple staff surveys, as well as our client surveys. 

Like our client survey, our staff survey is just as easy to use, incorporating the net promoter system once again to quickly capture staff loyalty and engagement. And because it is easy to administer and complete it is perfectly suited to a regular (ideally quarterly) pulse style survey, either on its own or in conjunction with a longer annual survey.  

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Client connection

Positive feedback and your staff

In most hardworking professional practices the majority of client feedback is positive - connect your team to the uplifting comments they are missing out on.

Our own client feedback tells us that providing your professional staff with regular client feedback increases their sense of connectedness with the client – lifting satisfaction, motivation and a feeling of accomplishment. 

[The process] has allowed us to use the [client] comments in our own staff feedback sessions and they love it as it directly relates to how they see the clients. Well worthwhile.
— Paul Staindl, Clancy & Triado

Skills coaching

Client identified learning areas

Who in your firm are the standout performers from your clients’ perspective? Who needs more support and training? Where do your clients say these staff need to improve? What coaching is needed?

We all know that feedback is key to learning and can speed up the process of becoming a true professional. Of course, feedback from a manager is important, but regular client feedback completes the picture.

Client feedback reminds you of what clients expect. It shows you the areas you can improve in. It helps you bridge the gap between your client's perception of the service and your own. 

What's more, those staff working the hardest to make your clients happy may not be getting the recognition they deserve. Others may not be getting the support they need. Klient Kulture can help you identify when it is time to offer a hand.