Actionable feedback

Immediate and targeted


Feedback goes directly to the person that needs it most - the professional responsible for that client. From your dashboard you can see the areas clients want improved and who is asking for it. Use mail alerts to speed up your response time.    

The service is good, but I’ve been disappointed with the level of communication at times. Responsiveness is low.
— Ken Ho, client

Action items report

All detractor scores are automatically in your Action Items report, waiting for your follow-up. The firm can select a timeframe for contacting clients and record a summary of the issues discussed. 

improve-action items report.png

Score changes

For regular clients, score changes from the last survey are easy to see. A drop in score can be investigated.  


Keyword search

You can search your dashboard by keyword to see how many clients may have concerns about a particular issue. 



Managers can use flags, notes and messages to request particular follow-up action.  


Strategic issues

The platform helps identify key improvement areas across the firm, not just those specific to a particular professional - areas in need of improvement by client demographic, account value, industry, client group or another metric crucial to your success.

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Innovation groups


Our platform provides a base for innovation in your firm. As well as helping each professional to improve as they respond to their own client feedback, it allows the firm to consider firm-wide issues. What are the concerns clients raise over and over again? What are some creative ways of resolving them and innovating your services?

Depending on the size of your firm, why not assemble an innovation group? A group that can regularly consider issues and solutions. A group that can continue the conversation with key clients, establish workshops, off-sites, deeper conversations with your most valuable clients to create more value for all - clients and the firm and its people. 

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Top questions about feedback follow-up


Why should I follow-up with detractors?

It is vital the firm learns the reasons why the client is not very likely to recommend the firm. If it is because their own experience is below their expectations, then this needs to be explored in detail, so that adjustments can be made. Learn more.


How do I approach the detractor call?

A successful follow-up with a detractor should enable you to introduce cost-effective, actionable change that, if followed, over time will convert that detractor to a promoter. See a step-by-step guide on how to approach the call here.     

Should I contact neutral clients?

Neutral clients can be particularly interesting because they often see both what's great about your firm, but also, what can be improved. For tips on the value of neutrals see this link