Service innovation

Continuous improvement and adaption: ultimately, the goal of the net promoter system is service innovation to enable a firm to continuously adapt to meet the changing demands of its clients.  


"The net promoter system is a system of listening to, learning from and acting upon client and staff feedback."

Fred Reichheld, Bain & Co, NPS Founder.

Feedback - either from clients or staff - is the starting point for innovation. 

Most innovation in the services industries is the product of a conversation. Tapping into what clients and staff want - what they value, what they might be willing to trade-off - puts you at the beginning of the journey to attempt to develop, offer and (importantly) test solutions. 

Without the insights into what clients and staff value any innovation you develop is simply guess work. 

Establishing a simple, regular and structured process of gathering feedback from clients and staff puts you on the path to consider innovating your services. 


Innovation groups

Listen | Learn | Respond: of course seeking feedback is just the start. Seeking feedback is the 'listening' part of the net promoter system journey. The key next step is to 'learn' - to think deeply about what you are hearing and explore it further. Once you understand you in a position to 'respond' by developing changes to your processes and service offerings. 

We recommend and support the creation of 'Innovation Groups' within your organisation. They should meet regularly to consider the feedback coming in. Reward up and coming 'high flyers' with a seat at the innovation table. In the company of more experienced heads you might just be amazed by what they come up with, and hopefully, so will your clients.

Unless you assign accountability for innovation you might find it just doesn't happen. The services sector can learn from some of the corporates in this regard, where weekly service team huddles have long been part of the culture. 

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