Overwhelmingly professionals are committed to excellence. Managing client expectations though is not easy. Giving your client-facing staff access to regular feedback from their clients helps them grow and the firm succeed

What gets measured gets managed

Having a simple system for measuring the client experience linked to the professionals delivering the service is a critical management tool. Without it management lack key insights about which staff need support and which staff need additional recognition. The best systems provide both qualitative and quantitive feedback and metrics.

Improve connection

In our experience in professional services client feedback for staff is overwhelmingly positive. Greater access to client feedback improves job satisfaction and connection to the important difference your staff are making to your clients.

Identify learning areas

All staff from time to time fail to manage client expectations. Identifying when this has happened helps your professional staff learn.

Reward and recognition

Who are your most valuable staff from the client point of view? This is a different question to who has the highest billings? Financial metrics are a view backwards. Non-financial metrics like client satisfaction and loyalty measures are a look into the future. Recognising and rewarding staff valued by clients is vital.