A simple process

Inform clients


Engaging an independent organisation to manage a feedback program is one way to show your clients that you are serious about client service. We supply tested templates for you to start the program with a short email.

We make it clear that you will respect their time by only asking one question and also that the survey is not anonymous - we want to know how to improve the service to them in particular.


Send survey

We send your client a personalised, firm-branded email, asking, on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our firm to a friend or colleague? The client simply clicks a number within the email.

One question survey.png

Option to explain score

Many clients wish to explain the reasons for their score, so this option is provided.The feedback can identify opportunities for improvement or a well-deserved compliment.

Felicity and her team are fantastic. Very professional. Commercial and astute advice.
— Example of feedback

Immediate feedback


All of your clients' scores and feedback are accessible in your online dashboard immediately.

Client Culture dashboard portion.png


Top questions about client surveys


Why is the survey not anonymous?

Knowing who feels a certain way enables us to follow-up with them and try to change their feeling about the firm. It also provides the motivation for the client to answer the survey - because it will make a difference to them personally.  


What is a good response rate?

In our experience response rates are personal to the professional whose name appears in the survey question. They can vary significantly, from 35% to 95%. The firm average is less variable and a response rate of 60% is typical.  

What clients can I see in my dashboard?

In your online dashboard you have access to feedback from your clients and the clients of those you manage. managing partners (or head of BD) can see all results, divisions, partners) if this is desired. A private mode is also available.