Professional specialists

We focus on the professions to help share knowledge and best practice approaches to creating remarkable experiences.

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Why us?


Professional specialists

Our platform is purpose built for the professions from legal, accounting and financial advisory to medicine and more.


Trusted independence

Staff, clients and patients prefer and trust our independent service which significantly increases response rates and candour.


Take action immediately

Share data in real-time with personalised staff dashboards that drive action and allow immediate client or patient follow-up.


Flexible platform

Whilst we offer the powerfully simple one question net promoter system, you can also ask a range of survey questions exploring any theme important to you.


Powerful insights

Learn from our experience in your industry and see how you compare to industry benchmarks.


A growth system

Our inbuilt processes are designed to help you leverage the feedback results to track progress and grow your practice over the long term.

Barron’s Top Fifty
Financial Adviser

GFM Wealth Advisory

"The Client Culture one-question net promoter system has given us powerful intelligence to better understand how our clients are thinking about our service...and their likeliness to refer."
Paul Nicol, Managing Partner
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Use social proof to show your excellence.


Don't leave the client experience to chance.

Make sure you are delivering remarkable experiences today.
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Fixed fee pricing as a client experience strategy

Fixed fee pricing is on the rise. According to a recent study by Pitcher Partners nearly 3 in 10 law firms offer it. It’s not an easy strategy to implement and the study suggests that many firms are not yet getting it right in terms of profitability.

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Leading firms – guiding principles for managing partners

Running a professional services firm is not easy. You are not a CEO responsible to a board. Yes you have a leadership obligation, but you may not have a mandate for action.

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The importance of client retention

One of the biggest indicators of a successful business is how many of your clients continue to work with you throughout the year. Every business, no matter the niche or size, will experience some levels of client churn.

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